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 admin says ....

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jessica alba
jessica alba

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admin says .... Empty
PostSubject: admin says ....   admin says .... Icon_minitimeSat Jun 02, 2007 8:20 pm

the admins of big easy assume the roles of the good, the bad and the ugly .... please decide for yourselves which is which ...... the plot goes something like this .....

the good admin:

this is a movie star/film character theme forum .... and so it is a rule of membership that you choose a film star or film character name to post under.

oscar-winning posts are requested for submission .... we want your funnies, your anecdotes, name dropping, flirting, chit-chat and banter. there will be theme days and special events. have fun!

the bad admin:

don't spam or flame ..... you want to have a shoot-out? do it in the venting section supplied for this purpose. differences of opinion tho please, no personal insult carnage, no picking fights for the sake of it ..... all movie stars have egos ... and some have excellent lawyers ....

don't whinge and moan anywhere else but in the venting section .... generally speaking other movie stars don't want to hear it .... tell it to your shrink please .....

don't infringe the terms of service .... movie stars just don't need the bad publicity of a court case going down ..... and failure to comply will mean you are ostrichcised (yes that is a made-up word) and booted out.

remember .... bad admin is watching you *does the 2 fingers pointing at eyes and then at you thing, several times, in a menacing manner*

the ugly admin:

who me? ..... none of us is ugly?

have fun and enjoy the forum ..... your movie star secrets are safe with us

*wanders off pursued by paparazzi, muttering* .... did i go overboard on the movie star thing? you think maybe i gave up my place at the betty ford clinic too soon?

Very Happy
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admin says ....
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